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Understanding the unique value of Mouseman oak furniture.

Robert Thompsons are manufacturers of the finest quality English oak furniture in the UK. Unique furniture items are created with a lasting legacy. Present day Robert Thompson furniture, imbued with the Mouseman tradition and contemporary design, continues to be part of an enduring Arts and Crafts tradition.
Whilst this high quality oak furniture may appear to be expensive, the reality is that it represents incredible value for the discerning householder, when compared with commercially available and often foreign imported solid oak furniture. This fact is the unwritten secret that is well understood by the many repeat customers of Robert Thompson's Craftsmen Limited, and Mouseman collectors worldwide.

The compelling reasons for purchasing Mouseman furniture are as follows:

Long tradition of supplying timeless English oak furniture with its unique golden oak colouration both within the UK and for export overseas.

We source trees from managed forestry estates, where tree felling is controlled and complemented with new planting, as part of its commitment to sustainability and the maintenance of this country's ancient woodlands. Individually selected oak trees purchased from these managed forestry estates in the UK are often around 200 years old and have incredible history attached to them.

Timber is seasoned naturally. After felling, the sawn oak planks are stored for a minimum of 7 years outdoors to allow the timber to season naturally. Almost all commercially available solid oak furniture is made from kiln dried oak, which does not have the same stability under humidity and temperature changes.

Durable furniture. The slow growing English oak is the most durable oak grown, and especially suited to hand carved furniture adornment. Foreign imported oak furniture is unlikely to be as durable, and may also come from non-sustainable sources.

Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen at the Kilburn workshops. A single craftsman will complete an item of furniture and hand carve his signature mouse to represent the quality and uniqueness of this handmade item.

Robust construction. All mortise and tennon joints are also pegged with handmade oak dowels for strength and stability. Construction remains strong even when the normal wood glues lose their strength over time.

Solid oak construction . Unlike veneered furniture, ours can simply be refinished to look like new if damage does occur. Pre-owned examples are easily refurbished for a next generation's use.

The trademark mouse easily confirms authenticity, quality and value, such that each item retains its original value when resold after a lifetime of use. Demand for previously owned Mouseman pieces remains strong, and prices regularly beat auction estimates. Commercially available imported solid oak furniture does not retain its original value, and hence unlikely to be treasured as a valued heirloom.

Timeless designs allow collections to be added to over the years. The lasting charm remains untouched by the vagaries of fashion and interior design. Easily marries modern contemporary design and materials with a respect for tradition and historical context. As exemplified by the newly constructed Mouseman Reading Room in the recently constructed glass and steel structure of the Rothchilds New Court corporate headquarters.

Contemporary styling. Many items are in reality a timeless piece of artwork which looks fantastic in any living room or dining room in any style of home. Custom finishing effects are available, as well as private commissions undertaken.

Incredible value as all furniture items are sold and delivered direct from the Kilburn workshop, with no retailing costs to be passed on to the customer.

Stock items readily available. Most items are always in stock, and readily available for delivery or collection. If you wish to order bespoke items, you will always be speaking directly to the makers.