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Name and Description:

The Hovingham Octagonal Coffee Table a limited edition

The oak trees (Quercus Robur), from which the limited edition Hovingham Octagonal Coffee Tables are fashioned, have been witness to some wonderful passages in Yorkshire history. Between 1750 and 1770, the oaks were mere saplings and it was at this time that the Palladian house at Hovingham was created by Sir Thomas Worsley. The house was built to Sir Thomas' own design and uniquely entered through the riding school. Sir Thomas was a keen horseman and is reputed to have taught his close friend, King George III, to ride. It is not too fanciful to suppose that Sir Thomas and the King may have enjoyed pleasant gallops across the vast estate, past the young oak trees.

Hovingham's grounds have also played host to notable figures from the world of cricket, as matches have been played in front of the house since 1858. The fourth Sir William Worsley captained Yorkshire in 1928 and 1929 and was President of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club for many years. Illustrious players such as Herbert Sutcliffe, Len Hutton, Freddie Trueman and Geoff Boycott have all played on the pitch and it is easy to imagine them relaxing under the majestic oaks whilst waiting their turn to play, or hitting a six out of the pitch only for the ball to be lost among the leafy branches.

In 1961, the noble ranks of Quercus Robur witnessed the arrival of many of the crowned heads of Europe to the reception at Hovingham, following the marriage in York Minster of the only daughter of Sir William Worsley to HRH The Duke of Kent.

Today Hovingham is home to William Worsley, the great, great, great, great, great grandson of the Georgian hall's first owner. He maintains the Estate's very long tradition of forest management and woodland conservation within a landscape that has been designated an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Now, the beauty of those historic oaks, which have seen so much change yet so much remain the same, will live on in ninety nine of these special Mouseman tables for future generations to treasure.